• Colleen offers a variety of meal choices each week that are absolutely delicious, and that are reasonably priced. She uses high quality ingredients, and offers meals for all types of diets. She will kindly adjust her meals or offer different options when asked. What is great about Colleen’s catering, is that the meals are fresh and not frozen.   With our busy schedules these meals are a perfect time saving option. The delivery process is easy, and stress free. We wouldn’t know what to do without her home cooked meals!

    The Copanzzi Family
  • HomeMadebyColleen has been perfect for our family of 6. The food is amazing and it allows me to not be stressed about getting quality food on the table, that my kids love, during the week when we are busy!

    Mandi Casey
  • I highly recommend Homemade by Colleen. They send out a new menu every week and always have healthy options! The portions are great and they are delivered right to your door. What could be better than that! We are a busy family on the go and it’s nice to come home and not worry about what’s for dinner! Colleen is a fantastic cook!

    Sharon Caye
  • As a busy working mom of three kids, Colleen’s meals are a true lifesaver. It is so nice to be able to answer the question, “What’s for dinner?”, and know that I am providing a healthy home-cooked meal to my family. Colleen’s food is absolutely delicious and the delivery service is so convenient. My kids love her chicken pot pie and my favorite is anything with her homemade marinara sauce!

    Tara Heidenreich
  • I've been ordering meals from Colleen for well over a year and have never had one complaint. Food is delicious and fresh and always on time. Enough can't be said about the convenience of having them delivered right to your doorstep. It's been worth every penny in time savings and having a healthy alternative on hand. I highly recommend Homemade By Colleen!

    Stacey Hudson
  • "Homemade by Colleen" deserves a 5 Star review. I have been getting meals for the last 1&1/2 years and have been very pleased. Meals are homemade, nutritious and change weekly. She uses the best ingredients and she will accommodate individual tastes or dietary needs. She also makes wonderful baked goods, Hi-energy snacks, snack packs. Also weekly healthy choices. Seasonal updates are made to the menu. We especially love her homemade. ravioli, pot pies, marinara sauce, turkey burgers, oats, energy bites and much more, too numerous to mention. Will deliver. Certainly makes life easier, especially on days when one does not feel like going out. Whether you're a busy worker, retired, or have special food needs, this is the place to go. And Colleen is truly interested in her customers. Gabe & Karen Funaro

    Gabe & Karen Funaro
  • Homemade by Colleen is simply a life changer!!! Having these delicious meals ready to go during the busy work week saves time and energy spent cooking and cleaning up. My favorite part is the healthy options! Colleen is super responsive and flexible which makes ordering an easy process and the meals are delivered right to your door. I highly recommend to anyone!

  • Home Made by Colleen is one of my favorite things about coming home from college! There’s a variety of meals to choose from so the menu never gets boring. Colleen is ALWAYS willing to meet dietary restrictions/needs. In addition to the weekly menu, healthier options are always available! This has made eating good, wholesome meals a standard in my house. Not having time to make food is no longer an issue! Christmas break cannot come soon enough!

    Katie Kearney
  • If you need dinner for 40 or a meal for two , you can call Colleen for the most delicious menu choices. I personally recommend her generous meatballs. You’ll will find a special occasion in all her prepared meals.

    Carol Enterline
  • I had a few girlfriends mention to me that they had Colleen cook meals for them because they are all very busy business owners. Time is not a luxury they have so it made sense to me that this was a great solution for them for healthy meal prep. I myself, then thought this may be a great option for me as well since I work in a crazy, busy salon environment where we tend to just shovel in bad food choices in a hurry in between clients. I reached out to Colleen and asked her if we could do 5 healthy lunch options for each day of the week I worked so that I ate at least one nutritional meal throughout the day and wasn’t wasting tons of money on fast food and junk. She was so nice, asking me what I was looking accomplish as far as my diet was concerned. I was so impressed by how fantastic all the food tasted and how nice it was packaged and presented AND they even delivered it to me at work!!! She included these little energy bites which I have to tell you are AMAZING!!! They keep me going if I’m crazy busy and can’t get to my meal when I supposed to. Paying for my meals was so easy as well, just sent it to her using my Venmo app. I would totally recommend Colleen and her wonderful food for any and all looking for a convenient alternative to easy and healthy meal planning!

    Lisa Stovash